Farzana Hoque’s recipe

1)Fry drumsticks in hot oil , turning occasionally for a few mins, or until golden brown. take drumsticks out from the pan.

2) in the same oil put diced onion and fry onion until it looks light brown in color. now add garlic paste+ginger paste+cumin powder+corionder powder+chillie paste+little bit of garam masala powder. Fry these ingredients for a while. add 1 tbs of yoghurt on it while frying.

3)Now add drumstick in to this masala mixtute so that all the drumsticks get coated with masala.Add water in to it. Make sure there is enough water is added in order to create gravy like consistency. Bring to boil till the chicken being half cooked, then put diced red bull horn capcicum (you can use regular capsicum instead of redbull horn capsicum) in chicken. Cover and simmer until chicken in tender. Stir 1 tsp of lemon juice and sliced fresh chillies