Tiramisu by Mahzabin Mahmud Mou
For them who are not cheese lover but love the fresh cream.


Lady finger biscuit
Warm milk with disolve coffe( depends on your likeness to coffe)
Fresh Cream
Icing sugar
Beat cream wid sugar untill medium peak.
Disolve coffe powder into milk n warm it in microwave.
dip biscuit in milk n line in a serving dish( try for transparent n rectangle dish)
after 1st layer spread cream mixture generously.
then again put another layer of biscuit dipped into warm coffe milk.
spread cream again.
you can make rough deasign on the top by fork. just let the fork gently touch the top cream n make squrel design.
Ground i tsp coffe in to fine powder.
Sift the powder with small stainer on top of the design.
chill for 2-3 hr. serve.
better not to keep them for over night or Very long time. otherwise they will be soggy