tom yam soup

tom yam soup

Tom yam soup and spring roll


8 oz (250 g) shrimp/prawns, shelled and deveined, with shells reserved
3 cups (24 fl oz/750 ml) water
2 garlic cloves , minced
5 kaffir lime leaves
3 thin slices fresh or dried galangal
1/4 cup (2 fl oz/60 ml) fish sauce
2 stalks lemon grass/citronella (ta-krai), lower 1/3 portion only, cut into 1-in (2.5-cm) lengths
2 shallots, sliced
1/2 cup sliced straw mushrooms
5 green Thai chili peppers optional
1/4 cup (2 fl oz/60 ml) lime juice
1 teaspoon chili paste
1 tablespoon chopped cilantro/coriander leaves

How to cook:

1. Rinse the prawn shells and place them in a large pot with the water. Heat to boiling, strain the broth and discard the shells.
2. Add the garlic, lime leaves, galangal, fish sauce, lemon grass and shallots to the stock, then the mushrooms and chili peppers, if using. Cook gently for 2 minutes.
3. Add the shrimp to the soup, and reheat to boiling. When the shrimp are cooked,add the lime juice and black chili paste Pour the soup into the bowl,garnish with the cilantro leaves, and serve.

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To make the shell:
Shuji – 3/4 cup
All purpose flour – 1/4 cup
Baking powder – 1/4 tsp
Water – 1/2 cup
Salt – to taste
Oil – To deep fry

* Mix shuji, flour, salt, baking powder and water. Make a soft dough.
* Keep this aside for 15 – 20 min.
* Make small size balls and help with some dry flour roll into thin rounds.
* Heat oil in a pan and deep fry till light brown.
* 55 to 60 puries can be made by this recipe.

To make Pur:
Chick Pea – 1 can
Potato – 2 (big size)
Green chili – 2/3 finely chopped
Cilantro – 1/4 cup finely chopped
Cumin Power – 1 tsp
Salt – to taste

* Drain the water from the canned chick peas. Rinse in water.
*Mix all the ingredient together.

Serve the Fuchka with Tamarind sauce.

[N.B: You can buy Shell from any indian store]
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Thai soup

Thai soup

Farzana Hoque ‘s Thai soup recipe-

1)Fry chicken pieces/prawn in a little bit of oil until they cook through and put those aside.
2) put a sauspan into a stove, pour chicken stock on it and bring to boil chicken stock. Now add fried chicken/prawn+ mushroom + corn in the boiling stock.
3) Add a little bit of dark Soya sauce, hot chilli sauce and salt. Leave the stock for a few minutes on the stove.

4) Whisk an egg in a seperate bowl and pour it on to boiling stock. Keep stirring in order to get nice and smoothy texture in soup.

Note-I used portabella mushroom instead of using a can mushroom. You can also use fresh button mushroom and any type of vege of your own choice.



Nawshin Laila’s haleem

mutton – half kg
onion- 4 med
garlic n ginger paste – 1 spoon
green chillies – as much as u like
green coriander
haleem mix masala .. – 1 pack

heat some oil in the pan and then fry some onion and then some garlic and ginger paste and put the meat. when the mixing is done pour some water for the meat to get cooked. once the meat is tender, i followed the haleem mix receipe … just follow that.
once cooked, spinkle with fried onions, green chillies, coriander and cucumber and lime.
i used raduni haleem mix..

Chicken corn soup

Chicken corn soup

 Recipe by Naz Islam

 you will need half chicken,corn starch,2 eggs,soya sauce,vinegar,ginger &garlic paste, salt,black pepper corsed, ketchup.
in a pot fill the pot with water and put the cleaned and washed chicken in add ginger & garlic and salt, soy sauce and vinegar…let it boil until chicken is cooked…once chicken is cooked take the chicken out of the pot…in a cup take some of the broth out…..take all the b…ones out from the chicken and shredded with your hand then get the boil back to boiling when its boiling add 2 beaten eggs slowly and keep on stirinig while pouring it in…..then add the chickens and the cup of broth that u will keep aside u will put corn starch in about 6 spoon and mix it well then slowly add it to the soup…don’t make it too thick keep on stiring then add black pepper, ketchup…stir well and serve…vinegar and soya taste is according to your taste bud…enjoy guys….

Thai Soup and shrimp wonton

Thai Soup and shrimp wonton


Farzana Afroze Urmi’s Thai Soup and shrimp wonton

THai soup.(thick)

… chicken stock, chicken meat, shrimp, mushroom, green chilli, egg, corn flour, coriendar leaf, lemon grass, green chilli, chilli sauce, tomato sauce, ginger cut into thin slice,fish sauce, lemon juice, sugar, soy sauce, chilli powder

in a pan heat little bit oil, add the chicken and add soy souce and chillipowder… stirr 1 min add the stock… add the fisjsauce, chilli sauce, lemon grass, tomato sauce. sugar,shrimp, mushroom…thinly sliced ginger..

in the mean time in one cup water mix corn flour, and egg… blend and then add it to the stock….add lemon juice and sugar to taste..